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If you gonna do anyway, visit US the shop where provides interesting goods and services. The place where you can share what you like.

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Embroidery:Print work:Re-make

We THE CHARLIE TOKYO as shop and only producing area provides several services to customers' requests. Printing and embroidery on clothes and fabrics can be done in the atelier. Furthermore, since we have a sewing craftsman in our shop, re-make production of goods in the shop or goods brought in is possible.


Variety of brands.We have plenty of brands goods.You can find what you exactly want in our shop.

  • THE CHARLIE TOKYOのスタッフが厳選した新品、古着、リメイク品を並べます。不定期でショップオリジナルアイテムも販売します。
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Main Benefits of the charlie tokyo

  1. Volume, diversity of brands' goods

  2. Embroider or print things that you want to put on your goods

  3. Re-make or customize to what you want, Feel free to ask us.